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Data on water withdrawal from different water resources (surface, groundwater, sea water, etc.) for different water users (domestic, agriculture, industry, etc.), called water resource mix, have been collected worldwide at different scales: 93 countries are covered at national scale, 18 countries at watershed scale and 5 countries at sub-watershed scale. Data sources consulted were mainly the direct contact with water management agencies, water management plans of each watershed, water databases and European and international statistics. Based on that, a GIS database (PostgreSQL DB) and KML files viewable on Google earth for world map display have been developed.

An overview of water resource mix developed is given in the followed world map:


The water resource mix is the basis of the WSmix, a mix of water resource and technologies to meet different user needs. A correspondence between water resource, water users and technologies has been done and WSmix maps are under construction.


Scientific background

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